Success is Simple


You want to be your own boss. You’ve spent the last several months and years fantasizing, strategizing and agonizing over how to make that dream a reality.

We want you to be your own boss, too. We know—you’ve heard that a lot—you’ve waded through so many franchise companies telling you they’re the best this or that, that they have a great product, great service team and great everything else—only to find yourself disappointed, distrusting and downright skeptical.

What makes us different, you want to know?


The answer is simple. That’s it; that’s all—simple. Here at BodyBrite USA, our goal is to not overcomplicate things. We provide a business system that is simple to buy, simple to run and simple to make money with.

Perhaps that’s why the BodyBrite concept is one of the fastest growing in the world since 2007. Many people just like you have discovered that to be successful, you don’t have to be complicated.

You just need world-class support, quality systems, an unexploited niche in a booming market segment, and viola, success!

So if you’re tired of being oversold, over-explained, and not really sure of what’s true or what’s real, welcome to a place where doing business is fun and exciting.  Welcome to the world of BodyBrite.

What’s Our Story?


To put it simply: we realized that people were tired of unwanted body hair and wrinkles, and they were even more tired of paying an arm and a leg to get rid of them. Through the development of new technologies and a booming demand for our services, we were able to create a solid business model that allowed our franchises to provide valuable, cost-effective services to answer this overwhelming market demand.

We knew that in the pre-existing spa industry, there were many critical flaws that always seemed to doom a new business:  too much square footage, too many employees, too much overhead, unreliable equipment and a lack of support.  In parallel, we realized that our true partners are our franchisees, and they constitute our life-line to success. And that by supporting them we would be supporting ourselves. We simply put two and two together and came up with the award winning BodyBrite franchise system.

Our Special Benefits

Low Initial Investment

The cost of owning a BodyBrite franchise will beat all of your competitors.
Ensuring that as an owner, you are financially equipped to take on the Beauty Industry leaderboards!

Turn-Key Package

A turn-key franchise package complete with training, an eight week pre-opening program, site selection, interior design assistance, interior furniture, treatment room furniture, treatment machines, collateral marketing material, post treatment lotions, and never-ending customer support.

The Future Is Here

World-class technology and a continued commitment to finding the best, newest and most profitable products and services for our franchisees.

Industry Standard

Decades of franchise and industry experience.

Balanced Client Base

A proven business system positioned and priced to attract a vast and varied market place for both men and women.

Quality Over Quantity

A franchise that can be run with minimal employees

“But is this business right for me?”


Only you can make that decision. However, we can tell you this:  If you like to work hard, if you like dealing with people, if you like the idea of owning a business in the ever-growing spa industry, then odds are, you’re a good fit for our concept. It’s that simple.

How do we know? When we created BodyBrite, we created a business system that could be owned and managed by anyone, including the people who had no industry experience. We give our franchisees all the tools necessary to succeed: extensive training and assistance, effective marketing systems, easy-to-learn management software, quality and timely maintenance support and industry know-how.

However, as simple as we’ve made the BodyBrite system, the success of your business with us depends directly on how well you apply it. There is no shortcut to success. If anyone tells you differently, you’re being sold a bottle of snake oil.

Our Awards

Find out why BodyBrite is the number one up and coming franchise in USA & Canada today!

Want to Know More?

So if you want to take the next step and learn more about how “simple” it can be, fill out the information form below and we’ll get back to you before you can say “no more hair”!

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