During IPL photorejuvenation, small pulses of light are applied to the skin—it’s then transformed into heat. This heat stimulates the creation of new elastin and collagen coils, restoring the elastic networks under the skin. The effect is increased elasticity and luminosity, as well as a light filling out of the skin. The end result is younger, more brilliant skin that is noticeable from the first treatment!

Over the course of a complete treatment, your skin will feel firmer and smoother, and its tone will even out. Watch your blemishes, age spots and sun damage, and fine lines fade into nothing more than a bad memory. Your skin’s texture and overall complexion will improve dramatically–and there is no down time or recovery period. Areas that can be treated are the face, neck, chest and hands.

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Sun Damage + Acne


Reverse sun damage and hyperpigmentation with this service.

Avoid Acne

Reduces acne with a refined, smooth texture for the skin you love.

Glowing Appearance + Reduced Wrinkles

Glowing Appearance

Enjoy a plump, hydrated, glowing appearance.

Wrinkle Reduction

Combat aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Consultation + Toned Skin

Free Consultations

Before starting your service, let’s talk about what’s best for your skin.

Feel Good

Achieve tight, toned skin with noticeably less laxity.