Plasma Pen



Plasma Elite plasma pen is a non-surgical procedure for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. The Plasma Elite plasma pen can also be used for non surgical eyelid lift, sun spots, stretch marks, and scarring. The plasma pen causes skin tightening and helps reduce wrinkles by delivering plasma energy to affected area.

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Acne Scarring + Crow’s Feet


Need to get rid of any acne scarring? The Plasma Pen can make your skin become smooth again!


Remove crow’s feet from your look with our specialty BodyBrite Plasma Pen.

Plasma Peels + Brow Lifts

Plasma Peels

No one likes wrinkles, so why have them? Our Plasma Peels service ensure you leave your wrinkles back at the spa!

Brow Lifts & Forehead Tightening

Brow lifts & Forehead Tightening Services at BodyBrite ensure that your stress stays emotional, not physical! Remove any permanent wrinkles on your forehead at our spa.

Free Consult + Photo Ready

Free Consultation

Before starting your service, let’s talk about what’s best for your face.

Photo Ready

Look youthful again and become photo-ready!