Teeth Whitening



Get that next-level smile with professional teeth whitening

Let us help you kick up your smile with our professional advanced teeth whitening for a new glow and new confidence! Enjoy a photo-ready smile in less than an hour with our professional-grade treatment that safely removes stains caused by wine, coffee, and normal wear.  Lighten teeth up to six shades but never more than their natural enamel, using an FDA-approved solution with an option for sensitive teeth.

At BodyBrite, you’ll be treated to our proven services that combines refined technique and the highest quality technology. Have something in mind you don’t see on our menu? Ask.

Free Consult + Photo-Ready

Free Consultation

Before starting your service, let’s talk about what’s best for your teeth.


Receive excellent results immediately, ready for a picture-perfect smile.

Shine Brite + Safety First

Shine Brite

Lighten your teeth up to six shades!

Safety First

Our solutions are FDA-approved, and prepared safely for your services.

First-Time Friendly/Other Services

First-Time Friendly

Haven’t had a teeth whitening done at BodyBrite? Inquire about our new client special!

Other Services

Have any questions related to our teeth whitening or other services? Just call and ask!